Worship Pastor Search Team

Charlene Abney

Charlene is a vital part of our Fall Festival Team and serves in other areas as well. She and her husband, Russell, have been members at NorthRidge for 2 years. They are also involved in our local and foreign missions. If you get in close with Russ & Charlene, you may be able to convince Charlene to make you some delicious Trails End Chicken Chili, and Russ to make you some of his sugary goodies.

Junior Daley

Junior is one of our respected deacons. He and his wife, Rowena, have hearts to serve. They have been actively involved in our Senior Adult Ministry and almost anything else we do as a church for 9 years. Their passion to share God's love with those around them is constantly displayed by the new guests they bring with them on a frequent basis.

Diane Hill

Diane helps to lead our church's prayer team. Her kind, loving heart is evident to see from a simple conversation. She is frequently reminding our church of the importance and power of prayer. She and her husband, Bunky, have been vital parts of our Fall Festival Team and numerous other events at NorthRidge for 40 years.

Ed Newberg

Ed has a passion for our Worship Team and has served as an electric guitarist, actor in dramas and sound technician. He and his wife, Barbara, are involved in our church events throughout the year and have been members for over 10 years. They are frequently loving and helping those needing assistance, in and out of the church. Ed is also involved in mission work in Haiti.

Dale Price

Dale serves as the video technician on our Worship Team and as one of our faithful deacons. His passion for seeing the Worship Team succeed is seen through his time and precision put into every service. He and his wife, Beni Jean, have been sharing their contagious smiles and love for people in our congregation for over 10 years.

Heather Reuter

Heather has helped lead up our Drama Ministry, Feed the Ridge and almost anything else we have done for the past 4 years. She and her husband, Jason, are an active part of our Worship Team and have a passion to see Christ's love spread throughout our community. She also has some mad skills in photography and 3 adorable boys.

Nicki Watts

Nicki is a vital member of our Fall Festival and Missions teams. She and her husband, Billy, plug into wherever they are needed and live life unashamed, sharing Christ with all those they meet. Their huge hearts are displayed through constant encouragement and acts of kindness towards all those who interact with them. They have been at NorthRidge for 4 years.