Why Wait?

This Wednesday, September 23, 2015, is this year’s See You At The Pole event.  Across this country, and in many other places around the world, students will be gathering at their school’s flagpole 30 minutes before their class starts.  They will be gathering to pray for their school, friends, classmates, teachers, and other students around the world.  Through other times throughout the year, we have national day of prayer and world day of prayer.  Churches come together for one day a year to pray over all the issues they are facing.  While all of these events are amazing, why are they only events?

I mean, why don’t we see churches coming together every week for prayer?  Why aren’t there students praying every morning by the flagpole, or anywhere at their schools.  Why do we feel as if we have to wait for a special event to gather together as a body of believers to pray?  We see in scripture that when there is an issue, the communities gathered together in prayer.  The crazy thing is, that when we come together in prayer, we see amazing things happen, and yet, we wait for a special event.

By now, many of you have seen the War Room.  It is a powerful movie.  It really shows what the power of prayer does.  We can see through that movie that when people come together in prayer, change happens.  Our church has put together a prayer team.  Trust me when I tell you, these ladies can pray.  Our church is even turning one of our rooms into a war room of our own.  Hopefully everyone reading this is praying daily.  If you are, then start praying with someone.  Find a prayer partner, someone you can pray with daily.  Then, grab some other people who have been praying.  We don’t need to wait for an event.  We have everything we need right here, so Why Wait?

Pastor Derrick