The Power of Prayer

These last few weeks been an emotional rollercoaster.  The negatives seem to outweigh the positives.  We have had a slew of funerals over the last few weeks, maybe even months.  Our church has been effected by this.  We have had to say goodbye to loved ones and people who are friends or family of loved ones.  We have lost people close to us.  For me, I reached a breaking point.  After attending one of my best friend’s father’s funerals, I came home to find out that one of our closest family friends, Aunt Judy, passed away that morning.  Aunt Judy was a strong believer.  Seven years ago, she was diagnosed with cancer and given six months to live.  She called on her friends and family to pray for her.  We did just that.  We prayed.  There were people all over the world praying for her.  It looked like she beat cancer.  Seven years, and she did it.  Then over the course of a few days, she got worse, and then she got called home.  I woke up the next morning crying uncontrollably.  I am not sure if it was all Aunt Judy, or if it was all the built-up emotion that I had not released over the last several weeks.  I was angry.  Why were so many people I loved being taken away from me?  Even in my anger, I felt that I needed to pray, because, that is why I have been told to do.

So, I began to ask God some questions.  I asked why?  Why were so many people being taken away?  There was silence.  I asked God why I had to go through this.  Again, there was silence.  So finally, I asked God why I should keep doing what he called me to do?  Finally, I received an answer.  While I was sitting there in prayer, in silence, God reminded me of what was going on.  Over the last few weeks, in the midst of all the sadness of saying goodbye, I completely forgot about the “hello’s” I should have been saying.  Since Easter Sunday, we have baptized three young kids.  It looks as if we will we baptizing a few more in the next couple weeks.  I was focusing on the wrong thing.  I began to think about the people we lost, and I could see them all smiling at the news of new, young believers who can now call Heaven their home.  This is still a tough journey.  Every morning I wake up and have to start my day with God.  I need to keep Him first, because I know He will bring me through.  Thank you, God, for bringing me through this and showing me what is truly important.

Pastor Derrick