The One You Expect and the One You Don’t

Ok, so it is the time of year that I get to make a list of what I am thankful for.  Only this year, I am going to do two lists, one that is typical and one that can only come from my cluttered mind.  Hope you enjoy them, and feel free to let me know what you are thankful for.


The Normal List

  • My relationship with Christ
  • My beautiful Proverbs 31 wife, Sue
  • Devin and Spencer, my amazing boys who help keep me young and active
  • The youth that God as led me to work with, who keep the grey hair on my head, make sure I don’t sleep too long, and remind me what it’s like to be youthful
  • My church family, who somehow still manages to love me even with all my silliness
  • My new house, that after seven years, has finally helped me make Haines City my home
  • The freedoms I still get to enjoy by living in this country
  • Turkey
  • Being able to finally BBQ legally
  • My (somewhat) good health


The Not-So-Normal List

  • My car troubles, that have allowed my family the joy of riding together each morning, for just 10 minutes more per day of family time
  • Financial struggles that help me to remember that God will take care of me, no matter what the situation looks like
  • When my kids get in trouble, I can teach them that discipline is a form of love
  • When my wife and I fight, we get to make up
  • When my friends are hurting, I have the honor of praying with them and for them
  • Since I have no gall bladder, and potatoes are no longer my friend, I can be thankful for being able to eat something instead of not having anything to eat
  • Being able to celebrate the life of a good friend who died this year, because even in the face of death, she lived a life that honored God and pointed others to Him
  • The conflict in the world today that reminds me that God is in control, no matter who is in “power”.
  • When people don’t like me, for no known reason, I am reminded that people did not like Christ for any good reason, and He was still able to stay on mission. That gives me hope
  • That Jesus died for everyone, even the ones who reject Him. I get to show them love because that is what Christ did


Thank you all for all that you do.  Enjoy your Thanksgiving, and try to remember all that you truly have to be thankful for, even when things may not always seem to something to be thankful for.