Reading, Writing, and Nervous Ticks


So, this week marks a difficult time for many people…its back to school week.  This week affects almost everyone.  Don’t believe me?  Students struggle with the end of summer.  Teachers, probably more than students, lament the end of summer as well.  Parents usually have mixed emotions…freedom along with the struggle of one year closer to saying goodbye to their baby.  Even those without children struggle…school speed zones and traffic that they have not seen since June.  Today, I want to share with you three different stories of how people cope with back to school.

EXHIBIT A:  A student entering 4th grade at a school he has never been to.  This normally happy boy seen high-fiving friends and laughing on previous first days of school, now sits alone, not knowing anyone in his class, praying that the day is over quicker than any other day.  He is sick to his stomach and concerned that he will never enjoy school again.

EXHIBIT B:  A parent, dropping his kid off at school for the first day of school at a new school.  Confident that he knows that the boy has been raised well, and will make the right decisions, he waves goodbye, with a forced smile on his face, to his precious boy who has seemed to have lost his smile.  Still, the parent can’t help but feel concerned about not being able to watch his child as he did for every other school year until this year.

EXHIBIT C:  A teacher, starting her first year at a new school.  She has been teaching for a long time, but each year brings new students and new concerns.  When the added stress of a new location hits, it can be hard to find the joy she once had for teaching, and yet, this teacher finds her smile and faces her students with a confidence that, to most, would seem impossible to have.


These people all have something in common.  All three know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.  Through prayer, all three of them area able to face the day with confidence knowing that, while they may not know what the day holds, they know that Christ holds their day.  Yes, Sue, Devin and I all had a rough start to our day, but when the day was over, we were able to share how great each of our days became.  Devin was so excited that he made 7 new friends and that 2 of them were girls.  Sue talked about how here students already showed unique personalities and even had some great first day of school conversations.  And yes, even I had a better day.  After a few tears, I prayed and I knew that God would get my family through this day.  Even Spencer had an amazing day at VPK.  Next year, will be hard because my baby will be going to elementary school…but I will cross that bridge next year, knowing that Christ will protect my family like He does every year.

Now, imagine the people who go through this same thing without Christ on their side.  I talked with many parents who were terrified about leaving their baby’s.  I saw students walking around like they had no hope of making it through another year.  I saw teachers who wondered if they were good enough to help their students.  Take some time out today to pray for our teachers, students and parents who are struggling this week, and if you see someone in these situations, give them some encouragement.