Panama Mission Trip 2014

Mission: Panama
October 11-19, 2014

This year we are blessed to have the opportunity to work with SCORE International for a trip to Panama. SCORE International has taken over 25,000 people on short-term missions trips in the past five years; they plan and organize trips including dental and medical outreaches, construction trips, senior class trips, church groups, sports teams and more. SCORE began as a sports ministry, but soon expanded to a global missions ministry, and now equips and mobilizes its participants to fulfill the great commission, share God’s love, and offer a short-term missions experience for groups. The mission of SCORE is to evangelize, equip, and encourage the local church and missionaries with training and support.1 For more information on SCORE International, please visit their website at:

You may be asking yourself the question, “Why Panama and Why SCORE?” NorthRidge Church has many different connections to many people and places across the world, but one of our greatest assets is church members and regular attenders who possess the unique gifts, talents, and calling that can be used to put together a unique ministry or mission that God is leading us to, whether one-time or perpetual in nature. Among our members, we are privileged to have former SCORE International missionaries Tim & Evelyn Wolfe. While the Wolfe’s were serving with SCORE in the Dominican Republic, they met a couple in training who are now full time with SCORE. David and Marianella Bueno have been serving the Lord faithfully in Panama since completing that training just a short while back. The Buenos will be hosting our team and leading us once we get on the ground in Panama.

Our plan for Panama includes putting together a team of individuals to prepare for and assist in a medical clinic as well as a construction project. These are the primary tasks we are anticipating, but are not limiting ourselves to. Depending on the team members that we obtain, we will be able to customize our approach in Panama. Among these primary tasks, there will also exist the opportunity to serve through sports ministry, food distribution, and evangelism through the local churches.

Next steps for our team will include the solidification of team members (through deposits) and the enlistment of prayer and financial support. Depending on the cost of airline tickets when we purchase them, we anticipate our individual trip cost to be around $1500. In order to get the best possible rates, we need to plan early. Since this is the case, we anticipate closing sign-ups by April 15. After this date, we may be able to add or delete team members, but there are not going to be any additional spots guaranteed. By April 15, all participants will be required to pay a non-refundable $100 deposit. We will then purchase airfare and publish a final cost.

If you would like more information on SCORE International or the work they are doing in Panama, please visit:

For additional questions, please contact:
Terrill Gilley
863.422.4488, ext. 2119