At our staff meeting this week, Pastor David brought a devotion to us.  It was on 1 Corinthians 13, you know, the love chapter.  If you are married, there is a pretty good chance that you heard it during your ceremony.  If you are not married, you have probably imagined hearing those words spoken as you stand next to you future mate.  As a kid, many of us had to memorize some, if not all, of it.  It is an amazing passage, and if people followed it to the letter, marriages would be much better off.  But what if that passage was not meant for couples?

If we look at the passage in context, we will see that the chapters before and after 1 Corinthians 13 are addressed to the church at Corinth.  Chapter 12 talks all about the diversity of spiritual gifts, and how to use that diversity to unify the body of believers.  The last verse in chapter 12 states “But desire the greater gifts.  And I will show you an even better way.”  That ends chapter 12.  Chapter 13 starts with Paul talking about if you have some of the spiritual gifts but don’t have LOVE then you either a gong, or someone who gains, or is, nothing.  Paul makes it clear that the church needs to be diverse in its unity.  He also makes it clear what the church needs to do to show love.  Here is some of what Paul says LOVE is…and my question for the Church.

  • Patient Will we wait for that visitor to seek God, or are we done to fast?
  • Kind Are we friendly to those who need it?
  • Not Envious Are we ok with what God has given us?
  • Not Boastful Do we brag about anything other than God?
  • Not Conceited Do we love us more than we love God?
  • Not Selfish Are we willing to give what we have (time, money, energy)?
  • Keeps no Record of Wrongs Are we quick to forgive…no matter what?
  • Love Never Ends Have we given up on someone or something to easily?


These verses strike a bit harder when it is applied to the Church.  How would the world look if the Church actually acted out what Paul talked about?  How would NorthRidge look if we applied these lessons on love to everything we did?  Paul ends 1 Corinthians 13 by saying that even out of Faith, Hope and Love, love is still the greatest.  Knowing how important Faith and Hope are to the church, I think that the love Paul said the church needed is as much, if not more, for the outsider than it is for the church goer.  What do you think?


Pastor Derrick Whiteman