My Next to the Top Ten Reasons I am Thankful

(a not quite top 10 list)

Ok, so here is the disclaimer:  The reason this is not a top 10 list is because my top 10 reasons for being thankful never change.  Like, not once since I have been a Christian, ever.  My top 10 usually looks like this:

1)      God the Father

2)      God the Son

3)      God the Holy Spirit

4)      My Wife

5)      My Kids

6)      My Family

7)      My Friends

8)      My Church Family

9)      My Health

10)  My Job

So, that is my typical list, and it really hasn’t changed with the exception of the addition of my children.  So, instead of regurgitating this list and being done, I have decided to let you in to the things I am thankful for in addition to my normal top 10 list.  So here is my next to the top 10 reasons I am thankful.

11)BBQ equipment:  This is a big deal to me.  I love to BBQ.  Now, I have not reached Bunky status, but I am trying.  I use coal, wood, and gas.  I have two smokers and a gas grill.  I love to smoke turkeys, briskets, wings, bacon…anything really.  I also enjoy grilling all sorts of food.  When I have had a rough day, that is one of my stress releases.

12) Music:  A lot of people say that they listen to all kinds of music.  I really mean it.  There is not a style of music I do not listen to.  I have music lists of every type of music imaginable.  And if I don’t know about it, tell me what I am missing, and I will add it to my list.  This is another stress release for me.

13) Football:  While I prefer college football, I will take any football I can get.  It could be a horrible game between two no win teams, and I will still watch every second of it.

14) Naps:  For those of you who take 20-minute power naps, this is not for you.  I like to consider myself a professional napper.  Two hours is not a long nap.  It is just the beginning.  I love a nap that makes the afternoon disappear.  And yes, I can go to sleep at night after a marathon nap session.

15) Broadway:  Confession time.  I love Broadway musicals.  I have watched many of the years, and I have seen three on Broadway.  I have favorites, and with those favorites, I can sing just about every song from them.  If you ask nicely, I may play or sing some for you.  My current favorites are Les Miserables, In The Heights, Hamilton, Wicked, and Rent.

16) Video Games:  I do not play the way I used to, but I still love to play them.  I am not as good as most people, but I do not play to be competitive.  I play for the sheer love of the games.  I have three games I typically play, and will try new games, but I always go back to the ones I truly love.

17) Date Nights:  While I love spending time with my family, I really do cherish nights out with my wife.  It really does not matter what we do, I really just love her company.

18)  TV:  My wife and I have a handful of shows that we watch regularly.  Many are superhero shows.  We watch Arrow, Gotham, Flash, and Agents of Shield.  We also will sit and watch Bones.  With my boys, we will watch Pokemon, Phineas and Ferb, and Cops.

19) Volunteering at Schools:  While I love working at the church, I begin to feel like I am really making a difference when I volunteer at the local schools.  I have been the chaplain for both the football and basketball teams at Haines City High.  I also help out in the classrooms at my boys schools.  I love being able to see them interact with their classmates.

20) Theme Parks:  I almost hate saying I love theme parks.  They are crowded, and that is one of the reasons I love them.  I love to people watch.  I love riding rollercoasters with my wife.  I love seeing the awe on my boys faces as they see a character come out, or ride a ride for the first time.  I love the rides that let you compete against others.  Our favorite is the Men in Black ride.  It is a brutal competition that we can brag about until our next visit (Devin won the most recent).


So that is my list.  What else are you thankful for this season?