My Favorite Family Movies and Why I Like Them

I have a list of my all-time favorite movies, like I would imagine many of you do.  There are many that great movies on that list, but for one reason or another I have started to like them less and less.  The main reason is the nagging thought that goes through my head, “should I be watching this?”  The reasons for not watching them anymore range from the content of the movies (Braveheart) to asking myself, “Would I want my kids to watch this?” (The Godfather).  While I still love these movies, being a youth pastor and a father has made me really think about the things I watch.  So today, I have put together a list of my favorite family movies and the reasons they made the list.  So, in no particular order, here is that list:


  • Up. This is a great movie that will draw more emotion out of you in the first 10 minutes with no talking than other movies do with a 2 hour runtime and academy award winning acting.  Plus, you get a great lesson on not letting anyone steal you joy.
  • God’s Not Dead. While it is not a movie for little kids, I think that this may be the best Christian movie to date.  It is well acted, has a great message, and really gets people thinking about why they believe what they believe.  Plus, the duck dynasty people are in it, if you are in to that sort of thing.
  • The Sandlot. This is a fun movie.  It is great movie that deals with the pressures of fitting in and the joys of being a child.  Sadly, many kids today will not know the joy of playing outside until mom calls you for dinner.  Or the fear that comes when mom has to call a second time and you look and see the wooden spoon in her hand!
  • Annie. This is the one from 1982.  I have not seen the new one, but the original lets you know that the problems will not last.  It is a story of love, and family, and figuring out what is really important in life.  The sun really will come out tomorrow.
  • Aladdin. This is the only movie that is on my top 5 all-time favorites list.  With themes like be yourself, the value of friendship, and keeping promises, this makes for a great family movie.  Plus, you get to see an amazing performance by the late Robin Williams.


No list is perfect, but there is more to this than a list.  We need to be careful what we put in because eventually, it is going to come back out.  I am not saying that you need watch only G rated movies.  What I am saying is that even when we, as Christians, do the things that we don’t always think about, we are still supposed to be glorifying God.  Is what we are putting into our lives (not just the movies) honoring to God?

Stepping Out in Faith,

Pastor Derrick