Life Group

Summer 2018 Life Groups:
Start week of JUNE 3
End week of JULY 29

Life Groups Q & A

Q. What are Life Groups?
A. Four to 15 people meeting in the comfort of a home, enjoying Christian fellowship and spiritual truth–sharing love and encouragement. In other words: Doing Life Together.

Q. What if I can’t attend a Life Group the entire summer can I still participate?
A. Yes!

Q. What curriculum will be used?
A. It will be group studies based on the previous Sunday’s message.

Q. What plans are there for childcare?
A. Each group is asked to plan their own childcare needs.

Q. I go to church on Sunday and hear the sermon—why do I need to go to a Life Group?
A. Coming to church is an honorable endeavor, but it’s only one part of growing in our faith. The vision for Life Groups is to meet and get to know others in the congregation while building friendships and sharing food, fun, and fellowship with one another. It is a vital step toward Christian growth.

Q. How much time will it take to be involved?
A. The allotted time for the group to meet is a decision each group needs to make for itself at the first meeting. But the pastors feel that 90 minutes should be the minimum time allotted and two hours be the maximum time allotted for the group meeting.