Keep Going!

Today is a tough day.  I’m tired.  I found it hard to get out of bed this morning. You see, life happens.  Work needs stuff.  Family needs stuff.  People need stuff.  Every day people need stuff, and eventually I run out of stuff.  Even when you are in ministry, your stuff runs out, possibly even quicker.  I love what I do, but the stuff can be overwhelming, especially when it is being taken from all sides.  Some days, I really just want to stay in bed.  It is nice in the bed. 

            When I finally pulled myself out of bed this morning, I read a passage of scripture.  As the Word typically does, I felt encouraged.  In 2 Thessalonians 3:5, Paul writes “May the Lord direct your hearts to God’s love and Christ’s endurance.”  I began to think about this passage and I began to understand some things about stuff.  When I hear about God’s love, I understand that sometimes the stuff can be important for others.  I remembered that God has put me in a place where I can use my stuff to help others.  I also began to see that when getting rid of my stuff becomes too much, I can draw my strength from the endurance that Christ has modeled for us.  I actually was thinking that people were taking too much from me, and yet Christ willingly gave all.  God wouldn’t have called me to what I do if He didn’t think I could do it.  The part I was missing is that I felt that I was alone doing it.  This subtle reminder was exactly what I needed.  Remembering that I can rely on God’s love and Christ’s endurance should give me the strength to continue to do what He has called me to do.

Pastor Derrick