Just What The Doctor Ordered

Our world is messed up.  Our world is suffering.  Our world is hurting.  There are earthquakes, tornados, floods, fires, volcanos erupting, and rioting going on all over the world.  I hear people standing in judgment of others, saying that they deserve all that is coming to them.  What I don’t hear a lot of is compassion.  We should be suffering and hurting as well.  Our world is in trouble.  Our world needs hope.  Our world needs real hope, not this fake stuff that is being passed around as hope.

This world will not find hope in a new president or regime.  We won’t find hope in passing laws or having town hall debates.  A show of military force will not help others find hope.  Neither will donating to a cause or signing a petition.  True hope can only be found at the foot of the cross.  1 Peter chapter 1 tells us that we can have a living hope through the resurrection of Christ.  Many people do not understand what that hope is.

Living hope is a hope that does not die.  It is a hope that will see us through all the hard times.  It is a hope that has been proven through the ages.  Knowing that Christ beat death gives us a hope that has never been seen before.  For those of us that know that hope, we know how true it is.  We have been able to face a day that we had no desire to face.  We have been able to stand strong in the face of adversity.  This living hope is just what the doctor ordered.  IF what I just said is true, then why are more people not finding the hope they need?

I would hope that most of us would share with the world if we had a cure for cancer.  I would have to believe that most of the world would share it as well.  We are a sharing society.  Social media attests to that.  We share with the world what we had for dinner, what amazing milestone our children achieved and how fabulous we look in a new outfit.  Are we as willing to share our faith, and in turn, share about this amazing living hope?  I hope so, but it does not seem as if that is always the case.  Instead, we are quick to share our opinions on world tragedies, how horrible a person or group of people are, or how much we can’t stand someone in power.  Christ died for my worst enemy just as He did for me!  If Christ felt all life was worthy of heaven, shouldn’t we have the same outlook?

In a time where the whole world is hurting, is there anything more important that letting people know that there is hope out there that does not change based on our situation?


Stepping out in Faith,