Just a Thought

Greetings from the Frigid Northlands!


Actually I am in Virginia, taking another class at Liberty.  I just wanted to share some thoughts I had on my journey up here, and my time spent here at Liberty.

  • I hate leaving Florida. Actually, just leaving Polk County.  Not that I have some sentimental attachment, I actually hate the drive.  It took me two hours to go from I-4 and 27 to I-4 and I-95.
  • Speeding in Georgia is not recommended. I saw no less than 10 cars pulled over in the short time I was in Georgia.  Seriously, if you see someone pulled over by an officer, where ever you are, move over a lane if you can.  Their jobs are dangerous enough.
  • I can’t stand South Carolina. It is not a big state, but the trip through it took forever.  And I was terrified the whole drive.  I easily saw 100 deer about 5 feet from the edge of the road.  Plus, this was at about 2am.  Deer look freaky when it’s late and all you see are their eyes. I don’t like freaky deer.
  • Liberty University is one of the most beautiful campuses I have ever been to. It is surrounded by mountains.  When you walk out early in the morning, and see the beauty all around, it is hard not to be moved by how awesome our God is.  To know He created all of this with such care is an amazing thought, but when you realize that He took more care and love with us than He did with everything else, you can’t help but be moved.
  • Snow! I knew we would have some, about three inches was the forecast before I left.  Well, it was about ten inches.  We don’t hear about a lot of snow in the Bible.  I am guessing because it is ungodly.  It took me an hour to get my car uncovered and moved from a parking space.  If you have never been in a place where it snows, I can help you understand what happens before the storm comes.  When Liberty closed down, about 11:30 on Monday morning, I thought it would be smart to go to the local grocery store (Kroeger) to get some basic food items in case it was as bad as people said.  When I got there the scene is the same as it would be at Publix the hours before a hurricane hits.  No shopping carts available, people fighting for water and other staples.  I did not have issue because I was there to get my staples…pizza rolls, Dr. Smart (cheap Dr. Pepper) bread and lunchmeat.  I waited in line to pay for about 30-45 minutes.
  • Snow! The sequel! Ok, it wasn’t all bad.  I made a snow angel and had some snow ice cream.  The trade off was not worth it, but I did make the best of a bad situation.

Through all of this, I was able to really get down on my knees and thank God for the beauty of all that he created, even freaky deer and snow, and thanked Him for loving me more.  What have you thanked God for today?

Stepping out in Faith,

Pastor Derrick