Is Street Evangelism Dead?

            Just so you know, this is a trick question.  The answer is no, yes, and possibly.  Of course, I will explain my answer after giving a brief explanation.  Street evangelism is the idea of walking up to a stranger and sharing the Gospel with them.  Most times, this involves a “gimmick” that is used to help convey this great news to a person who does not know Christ.  People will use tools learned in Way of the Master or Evangelism Explosion or side tools such as the evangelism cube.  It can be very effective when used by someone who truly has a passion for evangelism.     

            The reason I said no, it is not dead is that I see it done very well on a regular basis.  A few weeks ago I sat and watched a young man stop and talk to a gentleman and he began to share about Christ using a technique found in Way of the Master.  After about 20 minutes, the two of them bowed their heads in prayer and it seemed that the gentleman accepted Christ.  They then went their separate ways, the gentleman on his way to wherever he was going and the young man on his way to find someone else to share their faith with.  It was cool to see, but it did not seem that there was any follow up set up.  How would this gentleman grow in his faith?

            I also said that yes, street evangelism is dead.  The reason I said this is because of the millennial generation, at least some of them.  I walked in to a football locker room and shared the gospel to a group of teens.  They did not seem to care about a single thing I had to say.  A few months later, these same kids were coming to me and asking questions about Christ and scripture.  The difference?  I had spent the months in between my first contact with them building relationships and investing in their lives.  I earned the right to speak to them about harsh truths and the need that we all have for a savior.  This generation wants to know that you care.  Once you show them you care, the possibilities are endless in terms of what you can do.

            Finally, the maybe.  The maybe has nothing to do with age or generations.  This maybe has everything to do with the Church.  Somewhere along the line, evangelism stopped being a priority.  People have become afraid to share the truth contained in the Gospel because the idea of someone living in hell for eternity could offend people.  I have seen a youth pastor post on social media that he was reprimanded for speaking about going to hell without Christ because it would scare away the non-believers.  To change that “maybe” we need to be willing to be bold in our faith.  If we are not willing to share the Gospel, then evangelism, both street and relational, will be dead.              

            All that to say this:  If you are doing street evangelism, then keep doing it.  Find a way to connect the people you share Christ with to a church.  Don’t be discouraged with the no’s.  Share the good news with everyone.  If you are doing relational evangelism, keep doing it.  Don’t be discouraged.  Realize it takes time to build that relationship, and make sure that the relationship is genuine.  If you are doing neither, please let me encourage you to start.  If you don’t know how, please ask.  Myself and many others will be more than happy to share with you different ways to tell others about the amazing things Christ has done for them.

Pastor Derrick