Get Well Soon

Maybe you have noticed that there seems to be some illness going around. In my own family, we have dealt with a cold, strep, and some really weird stomach bug that brought its friend migraine along to play. We have had multiple people out sick in our office over the last few weeks. I have also heard that many of our church family has been dealing with sickness as well. For me, I was, and it seems, I still am, dealing with this stomach bug thing. While I lay there feeling sorry for myself, I decided to look up some scripture to find some comfort.

One of the things I love about Proverbs is you can read one verse, and typically they are very small verses, and learn so much. Proverbs 17:22 says “A joyful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit dries up the bones.”  I know that I am miserable when I am sick.  I am actually kind of pitiful.  As I read that verse, I decided that I would try to have a better heart.  While the sickness did not go away, I did begin to feel better, but not just physically.

I think this tiny verse speaks more to just physical health.  You see, Joy is something that is God given and not produced by man.  That means that we have Joy in us, we just sometimes hide it below stuff that is not as important.  When I decided to try this joyful heart thing, I began to notice that things began to change.  Again, I was still sick, but I was not pitiful.  My outlook on things changed as well.  It may sound weird, but I felt happy.  Like I wanted to go out and do things.  I wanted to share that joy with others.  In my sickness, I felt more encourage to share God’s joy with other people.  Oh yea, I also began to feel physically better as well.

While it may not be a prescription, I have found that if you figure out how to make your heart joyful, you will begin to heal all aspects of your life.  Keep that in mind as we deal with this sickness that is going around.  And, please, Get Well Soon!

Pastor Derrick