Fuge 2016 Wrap up

Well, we are home from an absolutely amazing week at Centrifuge.  We took 26 people up to North Carolina.  Throughout the course of the week, each of us was challenged in our own way.  For me, personally, this was one of the best weeks of camp I have ever experienced.  Considering that this is my 10th year taking students to camp, so that really is saying something.

The theme for this week was Unashamed.  It was all about the Gospel.  Our camp Pastor was a man named Steve.  He spoke each day on some aspect of the Gospel and how it pertains to us.  The third night, he challenged us to go All In.  This meant to let go of whatever it is that we were holding on to. It meant that we were supposed to allow God to have control over every aspect of our lives.  The majority of our students were willing to agree to do this, and so were the leaders.

This is where the biggest challenge comes in.  How do we as leaders help these students to keep going all in?  How can we as leaders make sure that we are going all in as well?  The only way that we can be successful in this is by making it all about God and not ourselves.  We can’t boast about our accomplishments.  We can’t dwell on our shortcomings or failures.  In every situation, we must give God the glory.

This includes spreading the Gospel.  We can’t focus on the number of salvations or people who walked away from us.  God called us all to share the Gospel.   Not everyone who hears will believe, but that does not mean we get discouraged and give up.  Our task is not dependent on the people we share the Gospel with, it is dependent on God.

There were many amazing things that took place this week.  We saw students grow closer to God.  We saw students overcome fears and doubts to accomplish things they never thought possible.  We saw a group of kids come together to become a family.  As you have to opportunities, ask some of our teens that went how their week was.  I promise that you will not be disappointed.

Pastor Derrick