Faith Like a Child

As a kid, our world looks amazing. Everything seems so different. My memories of my old schools and places I lived are very different from the reality they are now. It would appear that this is also true for movies. I bring that up because over the Christmas break, my family and I went to go see the new Star Wars movie. I took my wife to see it first, so we could be sure that it was ok for my kids to see it with us. After watching it, I felt it was a good movie, but it did not seem to feel the same as it did when I saw the first movie back in 1977. I found myself being overly critical of the movie, talking about plot holes, inconsistencies, and a lack of character development. While I enjoyed it, I found many things to be wrong with it. All that being said, my wife and I felt it would be ok to watch with my boys.

So, the day came, and we got our tickets for the movie. Both of my boys were so excited to see it. They have always heard me talk about how great the originals were, so they wanted to see that greatness that I had told them about. The movie started and during the first battle, my oldest kept saying how cool it was, that the lasers looked so cool, that the ships were cool, and that the droid was cool. My youngest sat on the edge of his seat, saying absolutely nothing. He would smile when the ships flew, laugh at the droids, and lean towards me or mommy when something go a little too scary for him. As the movie went on, I noticed that their expression never changed. They were experiencing Star Wars the way that I had as a kid. All the little details did not matter. After watching the movie with my kids, and making the effort to see it the way they did, I enjoyed the movie much more. It was a simple joy that I had forgotten as I had gotten older.

Is it possible that sometimes, we react this way in our relationship with Christ? As grown-ups, have we forgotten the simple Joy that comes from a truly lived out relationship with Christ? Do we need to go back to having faith like a child? God desires fellowship with us, and yet many times, in my life anyway, I am more concerned about the details, nit-picks, or self-imposed rules. I got so tied up in making sure everything is right that I forget to stop and just spend time with the Father who loved me first.

I pray that this year all of us can reignite our passion for Him, that we can focus on just Jesus. When we are fellowshipping with God, all those other details will work out in His way. I have found that things always work out better when we take ourselves out of the equation, and let God solve the problem.

Love in Christ,

Pastor Derrick