40 Days of Prayer

We are so excited to share with you that we now have over 220 people enrolled in a 40 Days of Prayer Group! What an exciting thing God is doing here at NorthRidge! We hope you are prayerfully considering attending a group near you. If you are not signed up yet, please do so Sunday morning or HERE. If you have not yet purchased your book, please stop by the table Sunday morning. ($14 donation is recommended) We are believing God for great things among His people in the coming weeks. It is our sincere hope that YOU will join us on the journey!

NorthRidge Guided Prayer

1. Pray for the people of NorthRidge to spiritually prosper during and after the 40 Days of Prayer campaign.
– Ask the Holy Spirit to help all of us to grow in grace, faith, and good works as a result of participating in 40 Days of Prayer.
2. Pray for individuals and small groups to encounter God in prayer in ways that they never have before.
3. Pray for yourself that you will connect w/God’s Spirit in the worship services, in your small group, and in your daily prayer.
Ask God to help you learn and practice the truths the Pastor preaches on Sunday mornings
– Ask your Father in heaven to help you learn some things that will help you gain understanding of His grace and truth about prayer and connecting with God in your small group meetings.

4. Is there anything that is between you and God or someone else that could be keeping you from experiencing God’s best for you?
– Stop now and reflect and pray that God will show it to you and confess it to Him and get it right.
– Where may pride or self-justification be keeping you from experiencing the grace, forgiveness, and freedom of Christ and in Christ?
– In Jeremiah 33:3 God says: “Ask me and I will show you great and wonderful things that you do not know.”-Ask GOD to show you wonderful things about His plans for you through this 40 day of prayer experience.

– Ask the Lord to increase your faith and courage as you pray for a desire to obey Him.
– Ask God to grow your love for Him in your prayers and faith. Tell God you love Him and thank Him for loving you.
– Tell God you want to love Him with the same love that He loves you. (If this feels strange to you or that there is no real meaning in your love for Him, stop and reflect on why you may feel that way.) Ask God to pour His love into you like Romans 5:5 says. (Why not read it?)

5.Pray for the small group hosts and leaders to be filled with the Holy Spirit and with an attitude of hospitality. ? By name, Thank God for your hosts being willing to open their home for your group.
6.Pray for a spirit of encouragement and joy to be present in all the small group meetings.
7.Pray that everyone will take seriously and participate in the daily scripture reading & journaling.
8. Finally, Pray this: Father in heaven, be pleased to send repentance into the hearts of all who hold back from you. Based upon that repentance and according to your promise in Acts 3:19: “So that times of refreshing may come [
to each one] from the presence of the Lord.”
Send your Holy Spirit and bring a spiritual revival and awakening to NorthRidge like never before-

Lord God I pray you glorify yourself, as we will glorify you in our thanksgiving, praise and worship. And may eternal good be done to those who will be saved-and those who are spiritually delivered from the evil one and into Your kingdom of light.
I ask you to do this in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ-whom You sent into this world to deliver us from evil and into your glorious kingdom.? AMEN