40 Days of Love

We will be participating in 40 Days of Love as a church family. This will be our study for our Life Groups. Books are available HERE for purchase, or a select few are available through the church office.

Life Groups (Click Here To Get Connected)

If you are not currently involved with a life group, please let us know so that we can help you get connected.

Prayer Walks

On Sept. 20th, we kicked off our 40 Days of Love initiative with our “First Love” Night of Worship, a special time of worship and remembrance through the sharing of the Lord’s Supper. During this first ten-day phase, we are focusing on our relationship with God, returning to Him as our first love and setting aside personal time to commune with Him. 

The next 10-day phase of “Prayer” will begin on September 30. During this phase we pray earnestly for the souls that God has placed around us, beginning to pray specifically, by name, for the individuals whom God places on our hearts. Entering the third phase of “Care,” we will begin looking for ways to serve those whom we have been praying for. And finally, during the fourth phase of “Share,” we will be seeking opportunities to share the truth of the gospel with these individuals. 

In addition to each of us participating in the phases of the 40 Days of Love on an individual level, on a corporate level, a church outreach team will be reaching out to a large neighborhood near NorthRidge. In this effort, we will begin by prayer walking through the neighborhood during the first phase of “Prayer.” Then, a few weeks later during our “Care” phase, we will seek to show Christ’s love and care by returning to the same neighborhood to leave a gift on each door to serve as a “touch” from NorthRidge to let them know we care about them and their families. In the final phase, “Share,” the church outreach team will return to the neighborhood one last time to invite them to our Trunk or Treat event to be held on the church grounds on Oct. 31, where we will be very intentional in our efforts to share the message of salvation with everyone who attends. 

Will you join us for this exciting adventure of literally “walking” out the love of Christ? Our desire is to create a large team from the NorthRidge church family (of all ages!). For each phase of our outreach, we’ll meet on a Sunday directly after church. We’ll enjoy a light lunch/snack together, pray together, then head out to the nearby neighborhood together for the Prayer, Care, and Share Walks. You are welcome to dress down for worship with walking shoes and a NorthRidge T-Shirt if you have one or bring clothes to change into.

 Our first phase of outreach will be held on Sunday, October 4. If you and your family (yes, we mean the entire family!) would like to take part in this church outreach, please sign up for the week and/or weeks you are able to participate through REALM, email or call the church office.. We’ll also have an outreach signup sheet on the 40 Days of Love display table in the church foyer. Please sign up for each walk so that we can prepare for lunch.

Sunday 10/04/2020    Sign Up for Prayer Walk

Sunday 10/11/2020    Sign Up for Care Walk 

Sunday 10/25/2020    Sign Up for Share Walk 

What a great opportunity to show the Ridge how much Jesus loves them and desires to have a personal relationship with them! We look forward to a great turnout of the NorthRidge family for this exciting endeavor.