10 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Graduated

1)      Credit cards do not mean free money.  While not being pure evil, they are evil enough to cause years of pain for a momentary gain.  Stay away from credit cards.

2)      Your parents are not out to get you.  Most people don’t learn this until they have kids of their own.  Learn this lesson now.

3)      It is important to be well rounded.  Do as much as you can.  Do not neglect responsibilities, but make sure you take some time to see what else the world has to offer.

4)      Always choose love.  Even if this means loving people who you feel don’t deserve it.  Christ loved the ones who hurt him, we need to be Christ like.

5)      Save money when you can.  Make it a priority.  This will help you to stay away from credit cards.  It will also help you save up for a house, a car, or when someone gets sick.

6)      Listen to a wide variety of music.  Not only does this help you to try new things, it also gives you some insight in to what other people like and what they could be going through.

7)      Spend time with senior adults.  They have a wealth of information and they want to share it.  Plus, they love to talk with young people.  It is a relationship that benefits everyone.

8)      Seek after truth, in all areas of your life. 

9)      Remember that quality trumps quantity.  It doesn’t matter how many friends you have on social media, it matters who you can count on.

10)  Try to always see yourself the way that God sees you.  Especially when things get rough.  God will always see you as one of His children.  Know that you are special.

Pastor Derrick